The beginning….

Me and my now husband met on We actually are both very shy people so on our first date we sent texts to each other across the table instead of talking. It was an instant match though. We moved in together within 2 months and got engaged on April 9th, 2012 a year after our first date. On June 8th, 2013 I was married. Honestly it was an awkward experience. Everyone always talks about how perfect their wedding was and how they had the time of their life. Nope not me. It started with my soon to be husband having to work a twelve hour shift ending at 8am the morning of the wedding. Also one of my bridesmaids decided to show up with some random guy whom I had never met before. The night before the wedding the same bridesmaid decided to get drunk with the guy and keep my MOH up all night. The next morning the bridesmaid showed up at the last possible minute to get her hair done and then did not show up at the church until right before pictures. She did not help set up t. I he church and then left 30 minutes before the ceremony to go get food because she missed the lunch we provided. For the actual ceremony it was just painful because I do not like to be in front of people so I was so glad for my blusher covering my face. After the ceremony our ushers forgot to be ushers and left everyone to sit there until two of my husband’s brothers ushered everyone out of the church. Then there were some horrible experiences with the DJ and no one staying any later than dinner. I am just glad it is over. We didn’t even have a “wedding night”, we just went home and slept we were so tired. We were so eager to begin our lives as a married couple. We actually went out and looked at houses and put in an offer on a house. But I screwed that up by quitting my steady job where I worked 40 hours a week to go to a part time job in my husbands home town where I now work 12-16 hours a week. This caused our loan to have to be reevaluated with just my husband’s income for a VA loan. Luckily we were able to get a VA loan but we had already needed to move out of our apartment so we had to live with my Husband’s parents and 16 year old brother for a month. That was tough, I moved out of my parents house right before my brother turned 16 so it had been awhile since I had been around a teenage boy that much. Now finally we are in our home! I am trying to learn how to be wife who can take care of the home and our new puppy and I am going to school full time. I feel like I should take care of the budget and coupons and the cooking and cleaning not because I am a woman but because I work so little, plus I want to be that stay at home housewife and hopefully mother. That may not be every woman’s dream but it is my dream. I also have the goal of losing weight and getting healthy so that sometime soon we can get pregnant. I want to give my baby a healthy start in life and I know at my current weight it could be dangerous. This blog is going to be the story of my new life as a wife, a healthy woman, a student, and hopefully soon a mother.